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Cramick Silver Blue de CathyjaCh Narwick Silver Blue de CathyjaFlash Black de CabrenyssetSuper Ted of Lynway
Chyta de la Vallezanne
Jewel Bleue du Crêt du LoupCh Forsyd Jones Black de la Jasserie
Geisha Bleue du Crêt du Loup
Ch Silvermoor's Black Opal at BuebeziSilvermoor's SpritzerPelido Forgotten Dreams
Silvermoor's Barley Sugar
Silvermoor's May BeeAmalie Mild Affair
Silvermoor's Busy Lizzie
Camanna CharadeCh Lynaire The Sinful TouchLynaire Touch of FrostLynaire Midnight Blue
Remlaw Midnight Diamond at Lynaire
Lynaire Touch of Love at NorfrantonCh Starbrook Touch of Gold at Lynaire
Lynaire Casual Romance
Amalie Soul Singer at CamannaGeosan Flashback at MallicotCh Elsamos Starmaker at Mallicot
Ch Geosan Chocolate Box
Amalie Dixies BlackCh Silver's Inspiration Xanadu
Blue Amalie Colynia's Paradise